Iā€™m a born and raised Philadelphian with a passion for crowds: live music, live sports, and yes, Shabbat services. I try wholeheartedly to throw myself into community wherever I am. I fell in love with community and with being Jewish during my time at URJ Camp Harlam, which is also where I met my amazing wife, Alison.

After working in the Jewish community for several years, I decided to pursue my Master in Social Work. My experiences working with people across a spectrum of backgrounds (racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, and spiritual) influences the rabbi that I aspire to be. I believe that a rabbi must be a civic leader, with the ability to recognize the unique gifts and needs across diverse communities. As a rabbi, I aim to build the collective by celebrating the individual.

I love walking through new cities, any excuse for a good round of trivia, and following the lead of my two year old son.